The High River Tennis Club sure looks good for 110 years old and that's as long as it's been in town.

A photo of a couple of the clubs members from the archives. Tennis attire has changed over the years. Photo - Submitted.

Club Treasurer MJ Getkate says the club has bounced around over the years but it's newest location is where it'll stay.

Barry & MJ Getkate (High River Tennis Club Treasurer) Photo - Jeff McLenaghan.

"So it's probably one of the nicer tennis facilities south of Calgary to Lethbridge so we're really fortunate to have it here. It's really interesting to see the different places it has been in town. They started with it just on the lawn and then we had a really nice facility behind Charles Clark. Then when they built the Charles Clark facility that's when they moved the tennis courts over to Montrose in 2012."

She says they leave a net up all year long so if you want to play tennis on Christmas morning like her and husband you're more than welcome she adds it's a great value for the money too.

"The membership we try to keep it as approachable and low priced as we can. It's actually $65 for a family of four and that's for the whole year. So what happens is, you get a key to the facility and you can play any time you like, in fact there was one Christmas morning that Barry and I even played. We leave a net up all year."

She says it's just $45 per year for Seniors and adds drop-ins are welcome and are only $10 per visit.

She says every Wednesday in June and July they have Cardio Tennis with their Pro Scott Wilson from Okotoks from 7:30 to 8:30pm she adds it's like a fitness class with tennis skill.

"We've hired our Pro who's out of Okotoks, Scott Wilson and every Wednesday in June and July he comes out and we run a cardio tennis class from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. It's basically like a fitness class but you use tennis skill, it's a lot of fun."

Members take the sport very seriously. Photo - Submitted.


For more information on the High River Tennis Club click here:HR Tennis Club