It must be spring since the Tennis courts are open for the season!

Sandra Weibe with the High River Tennis Club says the court is open year round for members only, but they're starting to see the warm weather attract new players as well.

"Well, we had a huge group out there just last night, but you have to understand it's early in the season for us, and so anytime the courts are dry and the weather isn't terrible we go - including Christmas Day...if it's dry and warmish."

Coming this May, the High River Tennis Club will be hosting a festival.  Weibe says you can find information about this and many other events online on their calendar.

"We've got some great programming like our festival in May! That's a free event for everybody, it's just come and have fun, learn a little bit and have a snack and just have a great family fun Sunday afternoon" Weibe says "We're also open for free public drop-in on Monday nights after 5:00 P.M."

The Tennis Club's Festival will take place on May 25 at 1:00 P.M. 

If you do go check out the courts, Weibe says make sure you're prepared and bring the necessities.

"We have five really lovely tournament sized courts, but people need to be aware that when they come out to play they need to be prepared. If they're a member, they can use the porta-potty but they need to bring their own water if it's hot, or use the Rec-Centre for the facilities."

The High River Tennis Club courts are located in Montrose behind the Co-op, for more information you can find their website here.


Photo Courtesy of the High River Tennis Club

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