High River's mayor plans to be in front of his TV Sunday when HBO's The Last of Us debuts.

Craig Snodgrass says it's incredible to see what movie and TV producers can do with the town.

"I'm curious to see these movies, you know we all drive around and watch them being filmed I always wonder how can you ever put this together into a movie, it looks pretty chaotic to me that you can actually get something out of there but that's my ignorance to the industry," he says.

"To see a production that's had the budget behind it like this Last of Us thing has with HBO I'm really interested to see how this turns out with portions of it being filmed in High River it's going to be really cool to watch and to see its success."

Snodgrass says the producers are welcome back anytime.

"These movies are fantastic for our community and for the economy in High River and they give back and make a lot of things happen for us so it's good, they're welcome to be here, we appreciate it."

Besides the money producers spent in the area HBO also donated $100,000 which the Town used for the pump track and the Spitzee playground upgrade.