A rainbow-coloured Pride crosswalk is coming to High River.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass set the guidelines at Monday's Town Council meeting.

This was after High River Pride presented at the previous council meeting on May 13.

Snodgrass had a few changes from the initial request from the organization.

"I will propose a motion that Council approve the request from the High River Pride in allowing High River Pride to paint the midpoint crosswalk on 5th Avenue in front of the Venue with the following conditions: That High River Pride is responsible for the procurement of the paint, for the painting of the crosswalk and any future maintenance associated with the crosswalk. The Town of High River Operations will provide safety barricades for the painting of the crosswalk.  And Town of High River will provide security officers through RCMP or Protective Services if required to ensure the safety of the participants."

Halle Minkler, founder and director of High River Pride was present during the Town Council meeting and welcomed the changes in the proposal.

"Very amenable to that. I think that that is completely acceptable. I think it's a very good compromise and I was totally prepared to cover those maintenance costs and I think that our community would be more than happy to be the ones that physically paint the crosswalk. So, I think that those are all excellent things we can agree to.

The Pride crosswalk is scheduled to be painted on Saturday, June 15 with a celebration to follow at the gazebo in George Lane Park.