Changes to High Country Drive in the northwest part of High River will remain the way they are for the time being.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says the goal has always been to make it safer for golfers getting across the road from one part of the Highwood Golf course to the other.

"The two primary things that were discussed at council is one, the golf cart crossing, that has to get re-routed to make more sense for what we're trying to achieve here, so that's gone back to staff," he says. "Two, it's the current medians there that are causing the problems so when we do the permanent solution, we've made it clear to staff that those medians absolutely have to come out."

He says the medians obstruct motorists' ability to turn at that intersection.

High Country driveThe High View Gate median (Google maps)

That won't happen until the spring though.

He says after speaking with the school divisions and Town staff they've decided to leave the bump outs in place.

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