High River council's moving forward with a $1.2-million road project this year.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says 20 Street Southeast or the Hampton's bypass road is one of three that need to be completed.

"There are certain roads that need to be finished up and rebuilt and built properly so this is just one of them, the next on the list is the Hampton's," he says.

They are only able to do one per year.

Last year the Town completed 24 Street by High River Autoplex and the next one to be done is in the northwest part of town.

Council has approved awarding a contract to CIMA+ for $98,876.

"The contract award is for an engineering company to give us design options as to the curvature of the road and the costs associated with these different options as to whether we leave it the way it is now and just rebuild and pave the route it's on now or do we soften the curve and move the streetlights, " Snodgrass says.

He says the project is on the capital list for this year and it will be completed in 2022.