It's official, we can call the Ghostbusters back to Alberta!

Sony Canada has approved the Town of Fort Macleod to host a special screening that will be considered the Canadian premier of the show, sometime in July.

Fort Macleod CAO Sue Keenan says hundreds of cast and crew members called Fort Macleod home for over a week this past summer, while they were working on the film.

"There was a cast and crew of over 200 people at any one time over the course of the eight days, and we brought a lot of other tourists and spectators in from other parts of the province to see the filming." Keenan says that's never a bad thing "When we ended up being in the first trailer for the movie, and Ecto 1 (the Ghostbusters car) was driving in front of the Empress Theatre and they're blasting it, you can't buy that kind of marketability for a small town like the Town of Fort Macleod."

Keenan says the residents and businesses alike were all very supportive of the filming.

"Our residents are always so warm and welcoming and the businesses on Main Street. Most of the shooting was done on Main Street and we can never thank the business owners enough as they're so hospitable and open even though it does have an impact on their business without question."

As for the movie premier, Keenan says she can't spill too many beans but promises it'll be a fantastic event.

"I can't share too many details into what we're planning because we haven't really started to plan yet, but I can share that there is great little committee together and the community is very excited. We're thrilled that Sony Canada went to bat for us after we sent them a letter asking if we could have a special screening."

According the Keenan the committee is thinking the theme might be a "Hooray for Hollywood" being a very first class, red carpet type of event.

They're also waiting on confirmation and permission to use the event as a fundraiser.

"It's going to be shown in the Empress Theatre which is probably one of the biggest jewels in the Town of Fort Macleod. It holds 364 seats and with permission from Jason Reitman and his company, we're looking at utilizing this pre screening as a fundraiser to help refurbish some of the many amenities within the theatre that need to be upgraded."

Keenan says she's been taking phone calls and emails from groups and organizations across Canada who are offering help and want to be involved.

She says the buzz is creating a huge opportunity for the community.

While no date is scheduled quite yet, the screening will happen shortly after the New York and Los Angeles Premiers.


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