A free rehearsal and gig space is now available for local youth musicians.

The stage at the Okotoks Elk's Hall is now home to an array of sound equipment. 

Behind the project is Robyn Nadeau, owner of Rock Around Sound and Stage and a member of the Okotoks Kinsmen.

He says a lot of young musicians just don't have access to the space and gear they need to get themselves established.

"The idea is just to make it accessible for people who want to make music and don't have access to the gear and accessories."

Much of the equipment itself was provided by Nadeau, but he also got some help from other local musicians.

"It's overflow gear I had sitting in the corner of the shop, for the most part. Some of it has been given to us by local musicians. Puttin On The Foil, Kelsey Raine, Vicarious Vandalism. As well, we have huge support from the Kinsmen and the Elks Club of Okotoks, I mean the Elks Club has given us their hall to use."

Dave Grunleitner of Vicarious Vandalism has been organizing open mic nights, which have proven popular, with the next being held on April 13

Two-hour slots will soon be available to any musicians under 25 years old, and he means anyone.

"Any local musicians, we don't care if you're playing hip hop, rock and roll, country, jazz, blues, Broadway, whatever you want to do with it, the stage is there set up to be a rehearsal stage set up to youth."

If it proves popular, Nadeau would like to establish more of these spaces.

"We would like to expand and do another room in Black Diamond, in High River, possibly Vulcan. If it keeps coming, we'll keep going across Southern Alberta.

More information can be found on the Rock Around Sound and Stage Facebook page.


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