Foothills County residents concerned about a proposed biodigester at Rimrock Feeders west of High River can get more information Wednesday January 25th.

Reeve Delilah Miller says Foothills County council is holding an information session and Tidewater Renewable's officials will be there.

"There seems to be a lot of misinformation, so we asked Tidewater to prepare a presentation just to give everyone a full review of what this application will entail," she says. "They will be there, and all their specialists will be on hand going over the various components of the application and how the digester will work from start to finish.

I've had an opportunity to review it and I found it very informative, and it answered a lot of questions I had about it as well. Hopefully it'll be a lot of good information for people, and it'll put to rest some of the misconceptions that are going around about the biodigester."

Miller points out this is not a public hearing and council is not authorized to make any decisions on the biodigester and this session is just to provide information.

There's only enough room for about 60 people in the council chamber so Miller says a much better bet is to watch it either live or later through their social media.

"We are encouraging people to watch our live stream online or to register to come in via Zoom and they can do that through our legislative services. We will not be entertaining questions at the hearing from residents".

A previous meeting hosted by High River town council spilled out into the lobby and people were watching things on their phones. But a delay in the signal meant there was a lot of confusion between what was being said inside and outside the council chamber.

The meeting takes place at the Council Chambers at the administration building at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon.