The Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge is coming up on May 5, the challenge raises cancer awareness not just for firefighters but for everyone who might be battling cancer, and those who will battle it in the future.

Volunteer firefighter for High River and lead ambassador for the challenge, Sameer Shakya says the event started five years ago.

"So they started out because with firefighting and cancer there's a close tie in, lots of firefighters get diagnosed with cancer. So, that was a good way for them to do fundraising so they involved that."

Shakya says there's a new way to sponsor firefighters taking on the challenge this year.

"Starting this year businesses can actually sponsor firefighters as well. We are able to display the businesses logo or something like that in our gear while we climb."

Shakya added he got involved with the challenge after he saw all the support the people of High River gave the fire department during the 2013 flood.

"And for me this was a kind of pay it forward kind of thing so we can just kind of represent and go and help out, and then it was just a thing that I got hooked to, and I've been doing it since then."

To sponsor, donate, or support a firefighter go to: