Not everyone's on board with $25/day daycare.

Alberta Association of Childcare Operations Chairwoman, Anita Turna, says while they support the idea, it's how the NDP would roll it out over a number of years that's concerning to them and their members.

"Non-Profit centres and approved family day homes would be getting it before any private centre. And with a roll out of five years it could be several years before any private centres are able to transition to a $25/a day model, the question at that point for our members is how long would they be able to stay open and keep their doors open if all of the centres around them are allowed to transition before they can."

Turna, says that could mean an un-level playing field.

"You do need to maintain a certain level of enrollment in order to make ends meet at the end of the day. And if that drops below that level, you're going to see a lot of operators struggle to keep their doors open. And that could actually result in a net loss of spaces. I think our concern is that they're making this akin to Medicare, which is universal, but in the interim, until it's fully transitioned, it's looking like a two tier system."

She says her Association would rather see it rolled out to everyone at once.


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