A cougar has been spotted in several locations around Diamond Valley, including along the river valley.

The Town is advising people to be careful and follow cougar-smart advice.

According to a post on the Town of Diamond Valley Facebook page, they suggest that people travel in groups, keep pets on leashes, and make plenty of noise to not surprise wildlife.

"If you encounter a cougar, avoid running and instead, back away slowly while maintaining eye contact and trying to make yourself look big by waving your arms. Ensure that trash bins are securely sealed and pet food is not left outside to minimize attractants," the Town stated in the post.

Contact Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Services at 403-932-2388, or “Report a Poacher” hotline at 1-800-642-3800 if you spot a cougar or have an urgent issue to report. The report a poacher hotline will put you in direct contact with a wildlife officer 24/7.

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