Anyone who's renovated an old home knows there's always surprises.

That's the case with the Town of High River replacing the concrete floor slabs in the curling rink and small ice surface at the Bob Snodgrass Rec-Plex.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says luckily the Town's not on the hook for it all.

"Because of the economic recovery grants that we've got from the Province, that they've given to municipalities we've got about $1.7 million to put towards this project," he says.

Council heard there's some issues with the footings and the foundation is only two feet deep in spots and even less than that in others, which is adding to the cost.

Council has approved another $629,651 for the work and the mayor says it could end up being closer to a million dollars.

"But at the same time when you look at what this whole thing's going to cost at the end of the day, because of the $1.7 million it's still the right time to do it, because if we had to do it without that grant we'd be on the hook for all of it so now's still the time, we're still getting a very good deal to get this project done," the mayor says.

Total cost of the project is pegged at $2.3 million.


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