Corb Lund is reigniting his opposition to the Grassy Mountain Coal Project.

Northback Holdings Corporation, formerly known as Benga Mining Limited, applied for exploration, drilling and water diversion licensing on the Grassy Mountain Deposit in September.

It raised alarm bells for groups and individuals who vocally opposed a previous project from Benga Mining in the same area back in 2021, including Lund.

The Albertan country singer released a YouTube video on October 3 expressing outrage at the new application.

Among the concerns raised by Lund was the application process itself.

"I just found out about this a few days ago, so apparently it was done, quietly, stealthily, and under the radar, again. Apparently, someone in government has given this company an expedited application process, which means Alberta citizens have until October 6th to file statements of concern against this coal mine exploration."

He's calling for those in opposition to speak up as they did two years prior.

"This project was denied last year by the feds and the provincial government for not being in the interest to the public and the public itself here in the province has roundly rejected it, or the vast majority, in poll after poll after poll... I want to hear from our ag people, our ranchers, and our irrigating farmers who know we're in the middle of a crippling drought and we don't have any extra water allocation to give coal mines upstream. It also is the drinking water for 150,000 people as well as the cornerstone of a billion-dollar agri-food business in Southern Alberta."

Lund also raises concerns over the potential cost of cleanup, which he says will leave taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars.

The application requests permission to start exploration on October 15.

It can be seen here.

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