High River's Parent Link Centre has had rumours of closing their doors swirling around for a while now with some people asking what is actually happening.

The Parent Link Centre is changing its funding model with hopes of acquiring new funding.

Supervisor at the Parent Link Centre Michelle Kessel, says they are hoping to have new funding by April 1.

"Under the current funding model for Parent Link Center, that funding will be coming to an end on March 31, a new funding model is in place, and interested agencies are being asked to apply under that new funding model with those services being in place for April 1."

Kessel says the plan as of now is to stay the course and hope they can continue come April 1.

"Right now our plan is to move forward to serve our families under our current mandate until March 31 and we are hopeful that we are able to continue services in some capacity under the new funding model come April 1."

The Parent Link Centre says it's important for everyone with questions to ask what is happening.

"We ask to just contact the Parent Link Centre if they have questions about our programs and services and what might happen at the end of March."

The Centre can be reached at (403) 652-8633.


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