About six thousand homes in British Columbia could be heated by renewable natural gas generated at Rimrock Feeders by 2024.

Tidewater Renewables has announced that its majority owned subsidiary, Rimrock Renewables has signed a 20-year Offtake Agreement with FortisBC Energy.

According to a news release on the Tidewater Renewables website, FortisBC will buy over half a million gigajoules of renewable natural gas annually from Rimrock.

CEO and Executive Chairman Joel MacLeod says this agreement strengthens the economic viability of the project.

On April 4, 2022, Tidewater Renewables closed a strategic renewable natural gas and feedstock partnership with Rimrock RNG Inc. and Rimrock Cattle Company.

Tidewater, through its subsidiary Rimrock, has already started construction of the renewable natural gas facility.

It'll convert feedlot manure to pipeline quality renewable natural gas, through a process that will take more carbon out of the environment than it produces, through anaerobic digestion and gasification.

The agreement is still subject to regulatory approval by the B.C. Utilities Commission, with a decision expected early next year.

The power could be flowing to FortisBC by the first half of 2024.