The Cardston-Siksika constituency has a public all-candidates forum set up for next Thursday, May 18.

It's going to be held at County Central High School in Vulcan with high school students acting as moderators.

David Swan, who's helping to organize the forum on behalf of the Vulcan Chamber of Commerce, will introduce the moderators and they will be the ones asking the questions.

"They'll be moderating the debate and there will be students who actually act as moderators and there will be other students who've been selected to ask specific questions."

Swan says many of the senior students are of voting age so the questions will have more impact for both the audience and the candidates.

"The kids are young; they're going to have a young person's take.  From the candidate's perspective, there's a bunch of voters buried in those senior students, so you have to treat them as voters because they are."

As far as taking questions from the audience Swan will act as the host with a microphone fielding questions if there's enough time at the end of the forum.

It's expected to start at 1:00 p.m. at County Central High School in the gymnasium and last for about an hour.

Six of the candidates are running in the riding but not all have confirmed if they will be in attendance.  

The candidates are: 

  • *Joseph Schow (incumbent) (United Conservative Party)
  • Colleen Quintal (Alberta New Democratic Party)
  • *Terry Wolsey (Independent Party of Alberta)
  • *Angela Tabak (Independent)
  • *Par Wantenaar (Solidarity Movement of Alberta Party)

*Have confirmed they will attend.