The recently confirmed amalgamation of Black Diamond and Turner Valley confirmed it'll be a busy next few months for both town councils.

It's certainly been the primary focus for Brendan Kelly's tenure as Black Diamond mayor so far.

The amalgamation was a big reason for his choice to run as mayor, and he'll be glad to see it through.

He'll be interested to see how residents address the change, colloquially.

"I've got two young kids, 6 and 3, and one of them has known nothing but Black Diamond, and my son will know nothing but Diamond Valley. There are some unique perspectives that are going to be shared by a lot of residents. There are people who have been born and raised here that call me up like 'I'm still going to call it Black Diamond,' or 'I'm still going to call it Turner Valley.' That's okay, I get that ... Black Diamond and Turner Valley, I'm sure those names will stick around for a long time. We're always going to have that sentimental part of it that we carry forward with us."

Both councils will be busy putting the pieces in place before the consolidation on January 2023.

"Both councils will be busy throughout the summer making sure we can get as many pieces lines up for what we like to say the 'council of the day,' so when the next election comes up, we want to make sure we have as much information prepared as possible, so aligning bylaws, getting services lined up like fire department, public works, those types of things."

On the subject of the November election, Kelly says it seems to be on the back burner for both councils.

"Nobody's really talked about it yet, who's going to run in either town. I think that's going to have a bit of an impact on maybe a last-minute decision for a couple of people, kind of looking across the river if you will."

He expects some councillors will run based on aiming for a balance of Black Diamond and Turner Valley representation, given the fact that they won't have a ward system like Foothills County or the City of Calgary.

"My son will know nothing but Diamond Valley. There are some unique perspectives that are going to be shared by a lot of residents."

As for himself, he hasn't decided just yet.

Kelly has a few considerations to think about, including his full-time job as a teacher in Eden Valley.

When he ran for mayor, the amalgamation wasn't a done deal yet, but for most, it was all but confirmed.

"It presented a unique opportunity in October, and that was that it would be a shortened term. It gave me the opportunity to get in a seat and learn from the inside out rather than look from the outside in as I had been doing as a resident. I've really really enjoyed it."

He'll have a few months to decide whether his stint as mayor will be just the first step in a long political career, or if it will serve as a brief but interesting chapter in his life.

The decision of whether to run as mayor or for a seat on council is another big consideration.

Whatever his choice may be, he says he's had a great year, and his time as mayor has only reinforced his love of politics.

"I guess the short answer is I do want to stay involved. Should I put my name on the ballot, the residents will have the last say there."