Foothills MP John Barlow's not holding back when it comes to former Conservative Party Leadership hopeful Maxime Bernier leaving the Party.

Barlow, who's at the Party's policy convention in Halifax says Bernier didn't leave on good terms.

"Max showed who he really is. Timing it to happen during our convention. You know he didn't have the courage to come and face us in Caucus and explain his reasons for leaving, instead doing it a thousand miles away in Ottawa."

Bernier says the Conservatives are "intellectually and morally corrupt" which isn't sitting well with Barlow.

"Pretty rich coming from a guy who picked up his marbles and went home. Somebody who's told us numerous times in caucus over the past year he's a team player and he will be there to support the leader and all those kinds of things. But, obviously that wasn't the case. I think Max needs to look in the mirror when he makes those types of comments."

Bernier says he plans to start his own right of centre party.

Barlow says he's not seeing any Conservative members rushing out the door to join.


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