The regular season has come to a close in the Calgary Bantam Football Association.

Playoff seeding is all set, with a tough task ahead for the local Foothills Eagles in their playoff opener.

The tiebreaker rule had to be applied to sort out the three-team logjam of teams at 3-and-5, and since the Eagles didn't play either of the other teams head-to-head, the Mavericks win over the Lions in week 1 did not factor in.

Points allowed against common teams puts the Lions into the seventh seed, followed by the Eagles at eight, and the Mavericks ninth. 

The Mavericks suddenly become favourites to win the Division 3 championship.

The Cowboys take top spot with their perfect 8-0 record, and are followed by the Wildcats in second, the Raiders third, and the Colts fourth. The Stampeders fifth, the Bulldogs sixth and the Lions seventh with the Eagles eighth.

Teams ranked one through eight will play in Division 1/2 and teams ranked ninth through 12 play in Division three.

That means the Foothills Eagles will take on the top-ranked Cowboys on Saturday, Oct. 21 at 3:00 in the afternoon at Hellard Field at Shouldice Park.

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