A new collaborative performing arts venue called "The Venue" is coming to High River in the spring of 2019.

The recently formed High River Performing Arts Foundation is taking the first steps of making the project a reality by purchasing downtown land on 5th Avenue, at the former site of Ross's Bakery, to build on.

Foundation President, Theo Loewen, says they're very excited about the project, which is not just for musicians, with "The Venue" being open to all kinds of arts.

"It has come about by the inspiration of Mike and Lori Koehler, we are really excited about it," said Loewen. "We have been planning to start this venue. It is going to be in downtown High River and our goal is to provide a collaborative performing arts venue."

"We can do plays, we could have art shows, there is no end to what we can do," said Loewen.

The plans include a two-story building with a 250 seat theatre, meeting rooms, dressing rooms, a 60 seat pop-up concert area and kitchen.

The upstairs will have storage room and a 1,200 sq. foot apartment.

They're looking for people with a passion for arts, music and the community to come on board and help get the project completed.

They also need to get a fundraising director for their board.

While they don't have a building this year, they'll be putting on outdoor concerts throughout the Summer starting on the Little Britches Weekend.

The Koehler Sisters will be performing as part of the River of Music Festival on Saturday, May 19.

There's also a 40 piece orchestra coming in June.

On Saturday, May 12 they'll be having a work bee to clean up the lot to get ready for all their activities.


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