Kevin Todd with the Alberta Party is ready for the upcoming election in May.

While the writ has yet to be dropped it's expected the province will go the polls towards the end of May.

Todd, currently on leave as a Nanton town councillor, is running to be your MLA in the Livingstone-Macleod riding.

Todd says he's grateful for growing up in the riding and raising a family, along with his wife, he knows the concerns of the voters.

"So, what's better than getting involved to make your community the best if can be. If have two teenage girls, 14 and 18. One's in university, one's in junior high school, so growing up in the riding we're so lucky to live in a rural riding. I feel lucky."

Todd's lived in Nanton since he was two years old and has no plans to live anywhere else.

If you recall, Kevin Todd originally ran under the UCP banner but switched gears mid-February.

Todd explained that once he talked to the party president and former mayor of Brooks Barry Morishita he was all in.

"I want people to have an opportunity to vote and move away from polarization from the far right and the far left, yelling and screaming at each other. Not even talking about the points to move us forward in the province."

He elaborated that during his time electioneering in the riding he's heard from many people that say they feel they are 'politically homeless' or 'political orphans' and don't have a party they feel comfortable with.  That was matching with many of his thoughts and led to him aligning with the Alberta Party.

Todd says he'll share specific party platforms in the coming weeks or days on his website.

This is one in a series of pre-election candidate profiles on candidates in the riding.