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Musings for a Wednesday

(Photo courtesy of Lisa Jeffers-Cowling)

This horse (Cole) owned by Lisa Jeffers-Cowling is a shopper

and one of many farm shots I hope to get moving forward.

If you have a farm pic, video, family farm portrait or an

old tractor you like please send me the picture and

I will feature it on our AM 1140 facebook page and

the Blog.  If you want, E me with the pic and details

at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Was it bag day?


Have a great Wednesday!




Musings for a Wednesday

Today our prayers go out to those families who lost loved ones

in that tragic incident in Brentwood (Calgary) over night.  The

world has many sad disruptions as we move forward, some

happenings are just simply sad with no words to explain.


The Jeffers-Cowling families have a shopping horse.  Lisa,

does Cole( the horse) talk like Mr. Ed?



Have a great Tuesday!




Musings on the AA Bison Program

The Foothills "AA" Bison's held their banquet on Wednesday and

I was proud to MC once again this year.  Craig Howell coach

of The Dino's hockey team had a great story to tell as keynote

speaker and had a great message for not only the kids but the

parents too!

NOTE: The camera acted up and left us with no smiling faces

but the names of the award winners are below!!!!


Pee Wee
MVP – Joel Dawson
Top Forward – Alaister Standen
Top Defenceman – Joel Dawson
Most Improved – Daxton Budd & Justin Scott
Coaches Choice – Cale Sanders
Top Scholastic – Matthew Vogelaar & Tyler Delude
MVP – Tyson Scott
Top Forward – Blake Wells
Top Defenceman – Liam Bollivar
Most Improved – Quaid Akins
Coaches Choice – Riley Kell & Layton Taylor
Top Scholastic – Chase Morgan

MVP – Davis Sheldon
Top Forward – Davis Sheldon
Top Defenceman – Mac Pretty
Most Improved – Joey MacMullin
Coaches Choice – Josh Younkers
Top Scholastic – Mac Pretty

Mike Marshall Award – Austin Beauchamp


Congrats to all coaches, Managers, Moms,Dads, Grand Parents,

Volunteers, Directors and fans for a great year! Greg and Lorraine

Beauchamp were honored by the Midget group for their tireless

efforts for the organization including the work they did once again

for the charity game! Greg is also the President and lives for the

Bison group.

Thanks for inviting me to M/C!



Musings from the morning

(photo courtesy dennishalstead facebook page)

Dennis Halstead dropped in today on the AM 1140 Morning Show.

(Dennis is the clown in the barrel) As a matter of fact he is one of

the best "Rodeo Clowns" in the business.  When he isn't clowning

around he is raising money for charity or with family.  A busy kid

that Dennis, he is working and making people smile all over North

America at a rodeo near you. He will be featured at the 2nd Annual

Calgary Roughstock Rumble at The Max Bell on April 25th and 26th. 

We have tickets for giveaway next week for the Rumble on AM 1140.

For details check the link below.

To clown around with Dennis check his facebook page

Have a great weekend!


Musings on a Wednesday

It's Bensday today March 9th.  This young man Ben Steiger of

Turner Valley lost his life in a rodeo accident this past weekend.

Today many in Southern Alberta (including many at Goldenwestradio)

have worn western clothing is his memory!  Our prayers go out

to this young man's parents, family and friends!  Read more about Ben

by following the link below.

RIP Ben Steiger!


Musings from the Morning

Latest Album

(photo courtesy of

Michaela stopped in today and sang on the

AM 1140 Morning Show.  Michaela grew up

North of Edmonton and works at her home town's

radio station on the morning show.  She has a

great voice and her claim to fame so far was

to have one of her own songs on a Bruce

Willis Movie Soundtrack!.  See and find out

about this lovely young lady at



Musings on a Monday

BenSteigerVictim Facebook

A sad note from The Rodeo Family this past weekend

as Ben Steiger (16) passed away after an accident in

Thorsby.  Our condolences to the entire Steiger and

rodeo families!


This coming weekend is the Hope and Healing Gala

The Rowan House which will benefit from this event

is a most worthy charity.  Check the link below for

tickets and information.

Have a great week.





It's Springtime in Alberta....which means RODEO!

Mike and Gillian

Rodeo reporter/announcer Mike Labelle interviews former Miss Rodeo Canada Gillian Shields

Another season of Rodeo Reports has started on AM 1140.  Mike Labelle continues another year of keeping us in the loop.  He joined us Monday morning (April 7) to let us know what the scoop was for the week.

Rodeo reports will be on-air Monday and Friday mornings at 7:45 and here on the blog.  Thanks Mike! Looking forward to another great year!

For more information on Ben Steiger's tragic death click here.

Sending thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends.

Cowboys for Kingdom House

It's always amazing to me when local hands with big hearts reach globally. No matter what happens in your own backyard, we are called to help those in-need wherever they are.  Raymond Alberta's Billie Heggie is one of those big hearts. 

billie pic 2

Billie Heggie in Zambia Africa 2012 - pic courtesy of Billie Heggie

When we heard of her efforts last year, we gladly jumped on board to help promote the event.  Which is raising money to build an orphanage in Africa.  AM 1140 is very pleased to support the 2nd Annual Cowboys for Kingdom House event April 11-12, 2014.  It's for steer wresting, team roping and Amber Marshall! Of course we'll be there!

billie pic 1

Event Creator, Billie Heggie joined me to talk about where this money goes, what it's for and all the details about the event

billie pic 3

Billie Heggie in Africa - pic courtesy of Billie Heggie

Join us this upcoming weekend (April 11-12, 2014) to share in this legacy and support a local rodeo event. More details on the Cowboys for Kingdom House facebook page.

Musings from the week


Thanks to the Foothills Minor Hockey Assoc. for inviting
me to again M/C "The Awards Night" at the Bob Snodgrass.
The Midget 1 team had a player from Japan. He joined the
team about a month into the season. “Masa” could not speak
any English when he first arrived, so communication was
difficult, but he fit right into the team. Masa is a very skilled
player and after a few games was adapting to the North
American style of the game. Masa enjoyed his year playing
in Canada and was a pleasure to have on the midget one team
according to coaches.

The Midget 1 team was also featured on an opening for Hockey

Night in Canada with Ron and Don!!! The Atom 1 team got to

the finals in the provincial’s this year. Unfortunately they did

not win the final game. The team came home with “Silver” which

is a great accomplishment and was a wonderful experience for the team.


Lacey Dimaulo’, a young lady playing on the FMHA Bantam 1 team this

year was asked to play on the Alberta Cup Girls team and they won

a gold medal. The Bantam 1 team also won the Bantam Tier 3 banner!


Congratulations to coaches, Managers, players, Moms, Dads, siblings,

Grand Parents and volunteers on simply a great first year as F.M.H.A

(Photo courtesy of FMHA)

My buddies Gerry McCollum (coach) and Dave Skitch

(Level Director) present The Coach's Award for The

Bantam 2 Team to Mitch Eldridge!