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Musings from the Morning

Rodeo is big in our area and the Okotoks Pro Rodeo

has been big for a number of years on this long weekend.

Old Towne gets involved with a Chili Cook Off happening

on Saturday.  (Test the Chili 11-1pm) For a small amount

to local charity you can grab a taste bowl and have some fun.

Rodeo goes at the Arena at 7 tonight, 7 tomorrow night

and 2 Sunday.  You would never find the horse below

(from the Jeffers family) at the rodeo but maybe Saks 5th ave.!




It is officially the last weekend of summer but that seems so harsh.

There will be other weekends that will feel like summer I promise.

The Old farmers Almanac came to us this week at the station and it

says a colder full of snow winter is on the way so enjoy this weekend

and cherish it before we go in to our winter wonderland winter

in Southern Alberta.


Have an awesome weekend!



Musings from the Morning

Hockey already? Yes thank goodness!  The Oilers lost their

first pre-season game but they had a nearly all rookie line

up in Drum last night!  It will get better Oiler fans!

If hockey is at the back of your mind maybe Rodeo would

perk you up.  The Okotoks Pro Rodeo goes Friday and

Saturday at 7pm with a Sunday afternoon performance

as well in Okotoks.  A big Chili Fest happens in "Old

Towne" in conjunction with all of the festivities!

Oilers-Dragons-Bryan Wilson-DrumFM-004


The Long Weekend is usually called the last week of

summer, lets change that thought this year!


Have a great week.



Musings from the morning

I was challenged by my niece and Meg's from the

Sunshine Patrol to do the "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE"

for ALS.  I thank both of you for your kind nomination.

I decided to have my daughter pour.  It was cold

but it was for a good cause! P.S. The ice cubes on

my poor bald head felt like cement blocks BUT it

was for charity.  Have a look at the link if you dare.

Thanks to Larry Vanatta we really enjoyed the Southern

Alberta Music Festival at Aspen Crossing on the weekend!

BB Jaru and The Free Beer band were on my bucket list

to see LIVE so I was pumped.  Artie is pretty good on that

horn and Doug sings pretty good for a rancher too!  Tim Hus

you rocked it pal!

(photo courtesy of Stephanie Hopf)





Musings from the Morning


Hey are you a fan of A&W and their famous

Teenburger?  You might enjoy CRUISING THE DUB

today at your local A&W.


Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada's photo.


Have a great day!






Musings from the Morning

What is this "Ice Bucket Challenge" thing the kids

are doing these days you ask?  Basically

you get a bucket of ice water and before you

pour it on yourself (or have someone else

do it) you challenge three people to take

the challenge and pledge to ALS.  This

challenge has taken ALS Canada from

under 2 million dollars in donations to over

12 million.  Hey what a great idea!  I would

like to see the CDA do this for Diabetes too.

No idea is a new idea right?

Gehrig cropped.jpg

(photo courtesy wikipedia)

ALS is a nasty disease (they all are I know)

Lou Gehrig (the baseball player) had his name

associated with the disease after coming down with

ALS at a very young age.  Lou was voted the best

first baseman of all time in MLB by a fan pole

back in 1969.  The 1939 season is the year Lou

had issues with health.  It was later discovered

the issues were ALS related.  Lou never played

a game again after May 2nd 1939.  The Yankee

retired June 21st of 1939 and would definitely

be on his way to The Hall of Fame of baseball.

"Go Ice Bucket Challenge", let everyone help

this nasty disease!!!!!



Musings from the Morning

I trust you had a good weekend and bid you

a good week too.  It was a a quiet weekend

around the Brown household after getting back

to the working world from vacation the week

before.  Did you get away on a summer vacation?

I enjoy the summer camping trips but I think

as i get older I enjoy the winter trips to sunny

climbs even more.  I have a soft spot in my

heart for California.  My Aunt spent many years

in the Napa Valley which she talked so fondly

of each time we got to see her.  I think I could

spend time in that area as well.  The ol' bones

seem healthier in heat.


Larry Vanatta popped in last week to play

a song or two and chat up the "Southern

Alberta Music Festival" this coming weekend

at Mossleigh.  Tickets are on sale now at and there is camping

available too.  Music is good for the ol'

bones too!

Photo: Larry Vanatta is featured today just after 8am on AM 1140

Have a great week



Musings from the Morning

My friend and former Captain for the Calgary Fire Department Rich Befus

passed away July 31st in Spokane.  If you knew Rich,(who spent time in both

High River and Okotoks) please come celebrate his life tomorrow morning

at 10am.  The link is below.

Our pal Rich was passionate for his wonderful family and life.  Rich was my

hockey playing pal and for years was a first responder with the CFD!

All first responders should be labelled heros and Rich was one of those heroes.

RIP my friend!



Musings from the morning

Yes holidays are fun, the bills (when they come in) not

as much but holidays are FUN!

(photo courtesy Waterton Lakes Golf Course facebook page)


Waterton Provincial Park is ideal for a family vacation, golf

day trip or just a hike up a mountain.  Other neat holiday

breaks await for a small budget at Waterton.  While at Waterton

this past couple of weeks I couldn't believe the number

of vehicles pulled over to see bears.  It seems that several yearling

cubs decided to entertain the holiday crowd while I was there.  One

young bear came out on to the golf course after I had driven a

golf ball and decided to roll on his back for 20 minutes!  If

you like adventure without the hustle and bustle you should check

out Waterton.



Leanne Pearson and Brent "Brenster" McAfey!

It was a busy morning in the AM 1140 studio Tuesday!

Leanne Pearson CD Cover

First, we were joined by Winnepeg's Leanne Pearson, who's on a radio tour promoting her new single "Tuned Into You"

Check out her brand new video for it!

Click below to hear the interview with Leanne Pearson!


Make sure you check out Leanne's music on her website!


We were also joined by Brent McAthey, or Brenster, a Calgary native who now lives and performs in Mazatlan, Mexico!

Brent was in to promote the 2014-2015 Country in Mazatlan Concert Series!

Learn all about it here!

Click below for the inverview with Brent!



Musings from the Morning on Summer Vacation

Tomorrow I will embark on two weeks of vacation.

The summer vacation for my Mom, Dad and siblings

was always a treat.  We looked forward to it all

summer.  Then like it was a dream it was complete

and I was back in school.  I remember the summer

of 1972.  My family and I were at the cottage and listened

to Foster Hewitt calling the "Summit Series".  Team Canada

started out quick and then ended up losing in Montreal

that first game 7-3!  Ouch, that didn't make 72 a great

summer vacation but the early fall turned out well

thanks to Paul Henderson and his team mates.

This is where I spent the last two weeks of August

in Restoule Ontario.  Enjoy your August, see you

August 12th on the radio.  (not sure if that's

possible but you know what I mean right ?)