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A serving kind of Friday at Boston Pizza in

High River raised a bunch of money

for The United Way in High River.  I was

a part of the festivities with other staffers

including, Jody, Steph and Mike!  Good Times

and fun.  A shout out to BP's Servers who

gave up their tips for charity.



The Hospital Foundation Laid Back Luau

went Saturday.  Thousands  of dollars raised later

and all were smiling.  Seen there Saturday Mcing

was Jody Seeley, I mastered the CD's and we even

had a dancer!  Congrats to all at the Foundation

on another great night of fun and raising funds

for our wonderful community!



It Really IS The Happiest Place On Earth

We have a celebration going on at AM 1140.  Our very own Sean Emmett got engaged yesterday!

Sean 1

And he did it in-style in front of the Princess Castle in Disneyland

We are so excited that there is a woman in this world who agreed to be with our Sean.....just kidding buddy!  We are thrilled that one of our family members has found their true love.  Sean popped the question Oct. 14 in Disneyland.

Sean 2

awwwwww....the first kiss after she says YES!

Sean 3

Sean 4

The newly engaged couple - Sean & Katie....nice work on the diamond!

Thanks to some of the crew from Disneyland for taking some pictures for us all to feel like we were apart of their special moment. 

Congratulations Sean and Katie!!  We wish you all the best and much happiness together!  Love your AM 1140 Family.

Musings from the Morning

Happy "What do I do with the left overs

Tuesday"?  Turkey n' eggs?  Turkey and

?  It's the time of year my Mom and Grand

Mom's shone through history.  They made

it taste better with each meal.  Our

generation not so much.  Have you ever heard

this around your house?  Hey throw it out

let's get a pizza!!  We had some left overs but

we didn't host the dinner so there wasn't that

much except for some Nephla noodles, which my wife

loves and ate up yesterday.  Best of luck with

your left overs.  There is always GOOGLE when

you need something quick!



Musings on the week

What a great week it was! This week, 1 year ago!

The opening of the arena and the first game in it

happened this week last year. The guy on the left

dropped the puck. His name is Tom Kowell. Tom

and his family call High River home as he travels

all over North America dropping pucks and

controlling NHL games. He took the first weekend

off of the NHL last year to drop a puck for less

than 200 fans and two teams to celebrate the

opening of the Bob Snodgrass Arena. This past

week he dropped the puck with a REF CAM on

his head. The game had over 19,000 fans and

was played between Montreal and the Leafs at

The Air Canada Centre. I bet Tom Enjoyed the

High River experience more.


Happy Thanksgiving, be safe and with family and friends!



Musings on a Monday

The Firemen's Gala went on Friday and my pal Dean Vincent

received his 30 year pin.(Middle) 

Jody Seeley kept everyone in order M/Cing and doing

an awesome job while looking stunning.

Congrats to Len Zebedee (Fire Chief), he received

his 40 year pin and was honoured to have his son

Cody and the wives of the whole crew present him

with it.




Up High In The Sky

balloons-1My pilot, Kris Hlebechuk, and his crew getting ready for lift off. Photo by Lisa Taylor

It's always been on my bucket list  to ride in a hot-air balloon. So imagine my excitement when I was told I would actually get to cross it off my list at the Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival.

Excitement soon turned to fear though as I realized one of my dreams was about to become a reality.

I was supposed to go up in a balloon last night, but because of the strong winds blowing through High River, the media flights were cancelled. A little disappointed, but at the same time relieved I wouldn't have to face my fear of heights, I went home to bed.

The next morning I was awoken by my boss, Jody Seeley, telling me to get my butt over to the launch point for the balloons because I had another chance to go in one.

So I threw on some clothes, jumped out of bed and raced over to the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Centre, still wearing the same hairstyle from yesterday because I didn't have time to shower.

The launch point was a buzz of excitement, as pilots and their crews scrambled to get their beautiful hot-air balloons up and running.

balloons-2The new "Tamo" balloon flying over High River. Photo by Lisa Taylor

I stood there like a nervous wreck, not really being able to say or do much because I was frozen with fear.

I kept thinking, what if the balloon catches on fire? What if there's a hole in it, what if it runs out of propane?

I occupied my mind by watching all the action happening around me.

I couldn't believe how massive the balloons were. When you see them up in the sky, they look so tiny. It's not until your standing right next to one that you realize just how huge they really are.

Soon it was time to hop in the basket and get ready for lift off.

My pilot, Kris Hlebechuk from Alaska, hit the burner and a bright orange flame shot up into the middle of the rainbow-coloured balloon.

I didn't even feel the lift off at all and had to look down to realize we had left the ground because it was so smooth.

We got up a little higher and I couldn't focus on anything except trying to stop shaking so much in fear.

Kris, who seemed quite amused with me, told me it was fine and that I could move around in the basket all I wanted and it wouldn't affect it.

I finally started to loosen up, and began to enjoy the ride.

balloons-4Some of the balloons landing in a farmer's field outside of town. Photo by Lisa Taylor

It wasn't scary at all. I don't know how else to describe it other than feeling a sense of weightlessness  like you're sitting on a cloud, floating gently along with the soft breeze.

From the basket, I could see all of High River, and even my house.

It was pretty neat to see how far our town has come and all the progress we've made since the 2013 flood.

I could see for miles, and realized just how beautiful our province is with the big, blue mountains standing in the distance behind the golden prairies.

I was quite amazed by my pilot who effortlessly guided the balloon across town. He knew exactly how fast we'd go at different heights and seemed to expertly navigate through the sky.

Our landing spot was a farmer's field, and I started to tense up again as we prepared to touch down.

However, I had nothing to worry about as our landing was flawless. I was expecting it to be quite bumpy, but it wasn't at all.

balloons-3Pilot Kris Hlebechuk expertly landing the balloon. Photo by Lisa Taylor

Going up in a hot-air balloon was completely worth it, and I highly recommend you try it too!

It feels good to face your fears and do something spontaneous.

For those of you that missed the balloons this morning, there wll be a special "Night Glow" event tomorrow (Sept. 26) at 8 p.m. right beside the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Centre.

The hot-air balloon competitions go until Sunday and end with an awards ceremony at noon at the Stampede Stage downtown.

My first balloon ride! Video produced by Lisa Taylor

balloons-5Afterwards, all the balloons had to be deflated and put away until the next flights. Photo by Lisa Taylor

Musings from the Morning

Jeff Robson and Marlene Waghelstein dropped by today

from the Grassroots Rodeo Series to tell us about their

Finals weekend Oct 4th and 5th in Calgary. Details below!

The Balloons are here in High River.  Look up,

up, up and enjoy the colors of the Heritage Inn International

Balloon Festival this week in High River.


Alberta Culture Days in Nanton begin Friday and

include merchants sales, activities through town

and bus trips to the Colony just out of town.


In Longview a "FREE" Travelling Mabels Show

is set to go at the Longview Hall at 8pm on

Friday among other events. 


In High River various events are planned,

see for details.



Musings from the morning

Jamie Kinghorn from the Heritage Inn International Balloon

Festival was in today.  Wednesday to Sunday look to

the skies in High River for a ton o' balloons.  Friday night

at 8pm the Bob Snodgrass ball diamonds will be

GLOWING with all of the participants of this years event.

The balloon flights and Glow all depend on weather, check the

Facebook page out for updates on flight take off locations

through the week.

(photo courtesy Balloon Festival facebook page)


Culture Days in Nanton will be featured Friday through

Sunday this weekend on the Art Walk and all over town.

There will be a fly-in at the High River Airport this

weekend along with The River City  Classic Car Show

happening on Sunday through High River and at

George Lane park.


Musings from the Morning

The Hambling Farm hosted Meal in the Field last week

and a good meal it was.  We caught the Hambling's just

after that crazy snow and they all seemed in a pretty good

mood despite the snow.  Weather as Ryan said, "is a part of

farming".  Our sponsor host for the event was Crop Production

Services in High River.  The George Traditional House from

Okotoks provided the incredible eats. 

Yesterday we made our way to the Lorne De Paoli

Family Farm and feasted compliments of our sponsor

Rocky Mountain Equipment on the fantastic meal

from the George Traditional House.  Again, a great day

good food and friends made for an awesome time.

Thanks to all of our sponsors this year, here is 

to good weather moving forward to wrap up

harvest in Southern Alberta.





Habitat for Humanity Raise's The Roof In Okotoks

Habitat for Humanity was in Okotoks today for Raise The Roof Fun Run/Walk today!

habitatforhumanity 12

The morning started with everyone stretching and getting ready at 9:30 for the 10am start in Ethal Tucker Park which is beside the Okotoks Public Library.

A 10k run or a 5k walk around the river area was the options and after the race each participant received a medal.

This great organization is non-profit and their mission is "To mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty."


Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta has served more than 250 families, building more than 170 homes.

Today's event also showcased a family from Calgary who received a home from Habitat from Humanity in 2010.

A BBQ, door prizes, and music was also at Ethal Tucker Park today.

If you want to donate, volunteer or know more about Habitat for Humanity..

Click here to go to the Canada Habitat for Humanity Site

Click here for the Southern Alberta Habitat for Humanity Site

~ Megan