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Good Times on Ice

Yes folks Old DJ's can skate!  The First Responders

were honored Saturday with a hockey game of fun

as a part of The Foothills Minor Hockey Day in

High River.  This is your mid-day host trying

to keep up with the rest of the pack!

The First Responders beat the High River

Hoodlums 6-5 in a shoot out and all had a good

time!  PS  Yes, Charlie is sore!


Happy Tuesday!

Today on the Drive Home Show...



It's Tuesday again, so I've got more new tracks for you this afternoon as well as double-shots from your favourite artists!  New music this week from Aaron Pritchett, Kacey Musgraves, Quentin Reddy and more!  If you want two hear a couple of tracks from one of your favourites, let me know!  Call the studio at 403-652-4997 or tweet me @suncountry997!



Since Monday was a holiday, I've got this week's Web Musing for you this afternoon!  Following up on our theme from last week, this week I bring you another "parenting" video!  "Who are you?"  "I'm Bat-Dad."


A Royal Weekend

It was an incredible weekend in the Foothills.  From Alberta Culture Days to the 2013 Heritage Inn Hot Air Balloon Championships to the 11th Annual River City Classics Car Club Show and Shine.  We had thousands of visitors to our community and over 1500 cars!  Thank you to all who came out for the fun.

I still cannot believe that I faced a huge fear in my life and got into a hot air balloon.  It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done!  And it was so cool to take you along with me.  Thank you for all the support you gave me before, during and after! 

Jody balloon 1 on air

This is me almost taking off...on the air with Sean in-studio trying to smile and be cool.

Jody balloon 2 behind


As the balloon starts to inflate...

Jody balloon 3 assemble

My pilot and crew assembling the basket and burner.

And here is a bit of the video of my balloon morning shot by High River Online's Russ Skeet.

No screaming at launch cause I seriously could hardly talk.  But it was the most incredible experience ever!

Friday night was a super-cool event for spectators and balloonists.  The Night Glow.  Charlie Brown played the tunes and we loved what we saw!  Thanks to the Town of High River for sponsoring this event.

night glow 1

night glow 2

It was also the weekend where the new Stampede Royal Trio got crowned.  We were cheering loudly for High River's Jaden Holle.  Although she didn't take a crown home with her yesterday we are very proud of how well she did!  Great job Jaden!

We are also pleased to Welcome the new trio.  Your 2014 Stampede Queen is Danica Heath from Calgary. Your 2014 Stampede Princesses are Shannon Black from Calgary and Stephanie Patterson from Calgary. Can't wait to meet the ladies and see them at their over 400 appearances in their year of royalty. 

2014 Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses

100 Days Later...

This afternoon on the Drive Home Show...




It has been 100 days since the flood brought the town to it's knees, but rather than look back, I prefer to use this opportunity to look ahead!  Today, the temporary business park opened in High River, marking the return to town for many local stores and businesses.  More importantly than just the reopening of these businesses (which are people's livelihoods) are the jobs for others that have returned with the businesses.  It's a good thing all round!

HR Hospital 1

Yesterday, the High River Hospital announced that they have returned to full services!  One day shy of the 100 day anniversary this essential piece of the community has been returned to it's full capacity to deal with the needs of the town.

These are just a couple of the things that are significant, to see more and to read more make sure you click on the link or click on the News tab above!




Tomorrow the circus will be in Vulcan and I've got a family 4 pack of tickets (2 adult, 2 child) for the show!  There's a hitch though, you have to be able to come into the station before 6pm tonight to pick up the tickets!  We'll do the cue-to-call early in the show around 3:20ish to give you some time to get down here!


A Very Fall Thursday

Today on the Drive Home Show...




(Photo Courtesy Vince d'Eon)

This morning was crisp and cool, and clear enough to get the balloons in the sky!  It was a nice sight to see!  Reminded me of being a kid and walking to school at this time of year and seeing the balloons going overhead!  The weather was a reminder that we've got the cold and snow on it's way, tho!  Look for the Heritage Inn Hotels 2013 Canadian Hot Air Balloon Championships again tonight and tomorrow morning!  Tonight they launch the siesta balloons and the shape balloons from the Little Bow Campground, and the competitors go from the SW corner of the traffic circle in High River!

For more info and the schedule of events, click on the link!

balloon 2

Balloon 3




Dean Brody press image

At 4:20ish this afternoon, I'll be playing the Dean Brody cue-to-call for the last time on the Drive Home Show!  Jody Seeley will have one more chance for you tomorrow morning before she does the draw before 9am to beat the box office!  Someone is getting some Dean Brody tix tomorrow!

For ticket info click on the link!



Nashville News Logo

Your Nashville News for this week!  Billy Currington, Little Big Town, and how to get your "mug shot" into the new Boom Chucka Boys video for their latest single, Caffeine!



Yesterday afternoon, Sean Emmett and I had the pleasure of chatting with legendary children's entertainer, Fred Penner!  We've now got the video all put together and ready to go!  Check out the video of the entire interview, uncut, below.





(Photo Courtesy Jason Aldean's Twitter Feed)

Here's the trailer for the new movie "Sweetwater"!  Starring Ed Harris, January Jones, Jason Isaacs, Eduardo Noriega, and JASON ALDEAN!  The country star makes his acting debut in a supporting role in this western directed by Logan Miller!  The movie will hit screens on October 11th!




Dean Brody and Fred Penner!

This afternoon on the Drive Home Show...



 Fred Penner

Mark, Fred & Sean

This afternoon Sean Emmett and I had the chance to chat with Fred Penner!  The legendary children's entertainer is on the road touring and tonight he'll be at the Gateway at SAIT!  Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.  We chat about a whole bunch of things from his "Reconnect" shows with older audiences to his Order of Canada!  That's coming up in the 5 o'clock hour!


Fred Penner Performing in studio

Fred Penner performs "Celebrate Being" and sings "Happy Birthday" to our newsroom's Dan Bascombe!



Coming up at around 4:20ish this afternoon we'll fire the Dean Brody cue-to-call for the penultimate time on the Drive Home Show!  It's your chance to get into the draw on Friday to beat the box office!  Tickets go on sale 10am on Friday morning! Visit for more details!

New Music/Two-For Tuesday

This afternoon on the Drive Home Show...



It's another Tuesday afternoon, so I've got the latest tracks for you and some double-shots just for fun!  Listen for the Canuck flavour in this afternoon's new music with Jason Greeley, The Small Town Pistols, Lindsay Broughton, The Boom Chucka Boys and more!

Here is the boy's video for their latest single Caffeine!



Click here to find out why The Boom Chucka Boys need your "mug shot"!



Coming up at around 4:20ish this afternoon we'll fire the Dean Brody cue-to-call fro your chance to get into the draw on Friday to beat the box office!  Tickets go on sale 10am on Friday morning! Visit for more details!

Here is the video for Dean's latest Bounty!


Click here to visit Dean's website!


Dean will be joined by special guest Cassadee Pope!  To check out her website click here!

Monday Web Musings and BTBO for Dean Brody!

Today on the Drive Home Show...


Dean Brody press image

This morning we had ANOTHER major concert announcement and it's DEAN BRODY coming to town in February with Guests Cassadee Pope courtesy of Live Nation!  Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am, visit for more details.  Jody gave you your first opportunity to be caller #1 this morning and get your name into the draw on Friday to beat the box office for a pair of those tickets, and I've got your second chance this afternoon at 4:20ish!  When you hear the cue-to-call, be caller #1!



I spend an awful lot of time meandering around the inter-web in my search for content for the show or Nashville News.  Because I'm easily distracted, I'll end up 2 or 3 links into something that has nothing to do with country music or the Foothills.  So, instead of this just being wasted time, I thought we;d start a new feature on Monday afternoon's that tells/shows you some of the weirdest/funiest/luckiest/randomest things I find!  Don't worry, it'll always be clean!  So we start it off today with some thing that over 49 million people have watched on YouTube, a Norwegian comedy duo who branched out as "variety artists" have a viral video on their hands.  Their music video, The Fox, has some people wondering if this is the next "Gangnam Style".  Check it out and you decide.  I think it's not as catchy, but it's funny.  Especially the first time you hit the chorus! :)


First edition Bonus!  With all the hype following the upcoming last episode of AMC's Breaking Bad, I have a little something for Breaking Bad fans who PVR or are watching on Netflix and aren't caught up yet:  Visit to get the Netflix Spoiler Foiler which blacks out any spoilers in your Twitter feed!  Turn it off again when you're caught up!  No more "Spoiler Roulette" for Breaking Bad when you open Twitter!

Snakes In A Studio

Today on the Drive Home Show...




Jody Seeley and an adult Ball Python

This morning Jody had a visit from Andrea and Glen from the Calgary Reptile Expo and their Tupperware containers of snakes and reptiles!  Very cool!  You can take a look at some of the animals they brought in and listen to some of the interview (not to mention get a good look at the 99.7 Sun Country Mission Control!) by watching the video!

For more info, click on the link!

Jody Seeley, Bull Fighter Aaron Ferguson, and Andrea and Glen from The Calgary Reptile Expo chat reptiles!



Adult Corn Snake.


Jody & a Crested Gecko.



Coming up at 4:20ish we'll have today's giveaway of a pair of tickets to the Jason McCoy Spider Hockey Concert at the Foothills Centennial Centre on October 12th!  Listen for you cue-to-call to win!

For more info, click on the link!

To purchase tickets click on this link!


Nashville News Logo

Here's today's edition of the Nashville News!  Taylor Swift finally arrives, some cool Bob Dylan news and Blake Reid chats about his new single!



New Music/Two-For Tuesday

This afternoon on the Drive Home Show...



Coming up on October 12th at the Foothills Centennial Centre in Okotoks will be the Spider Hockey Concert Featuring Jason McCoy!  Yesterday afternoon we gave away our first pair of tickets and I've got a pair for every afternoon this week!  Pair number 2 goes this afternoon!  We'll have you cue-to-call to win your way into the concert at around 4:20ish!

For more info, click on the link!

To purchase tickets click on this link!



It's another Tuesday afternoon, so that means double-shots and fresh cuts throughout the Show!  Canadian is king today!  Bobby Wills, Blake Reid, Michelle Reid and Charlie Major!  Let me know who you want to hear a double-shot from!  Call 403-652-4997, Tweet @suncountry997 or Facebook me at!



Apparently I didn't know it was supposed to be black shirt/red tie day...  It's almost kind of creepy...  :)


Sean Emmet & The Eagle's Jayme Hall (Shaky Photo Courtesy Mark Dawes)