Flood Warning And Evacuations In High River (Updated With Gallery)

Floodwatch 8am-3 June 20 2013 - SubmittedFloodwatch 8am-3 June 20 2013 - Submitted

The Town of High River declared a state of emergency at 7:04 a.m. June 20. The Highwood River is rising quickly and is over flowing its banks in areas of Town.

Emergency staff are encouraging residents in the Wallaceville area to leave their homes and campers in George Lane Park are being told to leave.

The Emergency Operations Centre is now open and crews have been called in and sandbagging will be started within the hour.

Updates will be provided as soon as they become available on the town’s website highriver.ca and through the Town’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The Town of High River has closed the Centre Street bridge as of 8 a.m. June 20 due to high river levels.

Traffic is being rerouted to 498 Ave.

Wallaceville residents have been informed that they are under mandatory evacuation as of 8:21 a.m. and ATCO gas is shutting off the gas service to this area.

A call has been made for volunteers to help with preparing sandbags at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex.

Volunteers are asked to park in the overflow campground off of 8 Ave, by the off leash dog park.

The Town released this statement shortly before 7 Thursday morning:

Flood Warning issued for the Highwood River:

THIS IS A FLOOD WARNING - This means that the stream levels are rising quickly and will result in flooding of areas adjacent to the streams affected.

Anyone situated close to the river should take appropriate measures.

Alberta Environment has issued a Flood Warning for the Highwood River, Sheep River and Threepoint Creek which will affect the communities of High River, Black Diamond, Turner
Valley, Bragg Creek, Okotoks, Longview and the MD of Foothills.

Residents in flood affected areas are strongly advised to take appropriate precautions.
Appropriate precautions include avoid using sewage systems to help minimize the stress on the sewer systems, avoid doing laundry, running your dishwasher, flushing toilets, etc.

We are also asking that residents please stay home and away from the river and the bridges.

Please limit vehicle movement so town crews and emergency vehicles have free access.

Please do not take sandbags unless they are absolutely necessary.

Alberta Environment has forecast an additional 50 plus millimetres of precipitation today.

Regular updates will be provided by the Town of High River and the MD of Foothills through the Town’s twitter account at @HRroadreport and through both the town and the MD
websites at www.highriver.ca and www.mdfoothills.com.

For emergent issues please call the Disaster Emergency Number at 403.652.6960.

The Town has also closed the Centre Street Bridge to all but emergency services traffic.

There are also reports of the Highwood spilling it's banks at the far west end of 12th Avenue.


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