McInnes Running For Council

Heather McInnesM.D. of Foothills Development Officer Heather McInnes will take a shot at a seat on High River Town Council in October's civic elections. Photo - Russell Skeet.

A long time employee of the M.D. of Foothills is going to take a shot at High River Town Council.

Heather McInnes will put her name forward in the October election.

She says seeing how the town dealt with the flood made her want to run.

"I come from a background of 20 years of municipal experience. And I feel that there were a lot of errors over the flood that could have been mitigated a little bit better, and I feel that I could add my experience into the mix to help save my town."

Nomination day is Monday, September 23rd, with all candidates having to file their nomination papers by noon on that day.

The Election is Monday, October 21st.